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Our Home Selection Criteria


Our first criterion when selecting luxury properties is their "high end" nature, which encompasses features like extravagant swimming pools, prime locations, top-notch amenities, and homes that exude a million-dollar aura.We seek properties with a sense of grandeur that elevates the luxury living experience. From breathtaking architectural designs to exquisite interiors, our emphasis on high-end properties ensures our clients enjoy the epitome of luxury living.


Another crucial criterion in our selection process is the "turnkey" nature of luxury properties. We prioritize homes that are ready to move into, sparing our clients the hassle of extensive renovations or repairs. Our properties are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are fully functional & meticulously maintained. The turnkey factor ensures that our clients can step into their dream home without delay to enjoy a hassle-free transition into luxurious living.

Desirable destinations

Our third criterion revolves around choosing properties in truly desirable destinations. We understand that luxury living is not just about the home; it's about the location and lifestyle it offers and experiences to savor. We  select properties in sought-after locales that offer a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and convenience.   ensuring that our clients enjoy the best of both worlds – a luxurious home in a dream-worthy location.

Vacation Suitable Neighborhood

Our fourth criterion centers on   selecting properties in vacation-suitable neighborhoods. We recognize that many clients seek these homes for seasonal getaways. Therefore, we prioritize locations that offer a relaxed and resort-like atmosphere that are perfect for vacations. Features include proximity to attractions, stunning natural surroundings, and a sense of tranquility enhancing s the vacation experience.

Premium amenities

Our fifth criterion emphasizes the presence of premium amenities within the luxury properties we choose. Beyond the exquisite interiors and breathtaking exteriors, we look for features that elevate the living experience. From private spas and fitness centers to home theaters and wine cellars, premium amenities add an extra layer of luxury. These amenities go beyond the expected, creating a luxury living experience with a sense of indulgence and convenience that our clients truly appreciate.

“Wow” factor

Our sixth criterion is the presence of the "wow" factor in the luxury properties we handpick. We seek homes that have that magical quality, an element of surprise and awe that captivates anyone who enters. This can be in the form of architectural marvels, stunning panoramic views, unique design elements, or anything that sets the property apart and elicits that spontaneous response from our clients. The "wow" factor adds an extraordinary dimension to luxury living, that leave a lasting impression.

Luxurious but livable.

We believe in the concept of luxury properties being both opulent and livable. We believe that true luxury should seamlessly integrate with practicality and comfort. These Luxury Homes means not only boast lavish features, but are also thoughtfully designed for the comfort and convenience of our clients and are havens of everyday living.The balance between opulence and functionality ensures that our luxury properties are not just beautiful to behold but also a joy to truly call your home.


One of our essential criteria when selecting luxury properties is ensuring they embody a contemporary, modern design. We recognize the timeless appeal of sleek lines, innovative architecture, and cutting-edge technology. Modern homes are a testament to both architectural innovation and functionality, Whether it's open-concept living, smart home automation, or eco-friendly features, we prioritize properties that embrace the future while maintaining a sense of style and sophistication.