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About Us

Hello, We are Luxury Shares, Revolutionizing the Fractional Ownership Market for Buyers and Property Developers

Founders: Mark Newman and William Newman, Father and Son started working on high-performance sales teams and building the luxury shares platform as their main project since March 2018. Since then, they have produced a few very intuitive lead generation tools for outreach at scale, artificial technology used in on-boarding new sales reps, and most importantly they have almost completed the build of this amazing product for the fractional ownership industry.

About Luxury Shares

The First of it’s Kind Luxury Property Crowdfunding Platform built to provide an easy to use system that allows users to secure Fractional Shares in Luxury Property at a fraction of the cost. This provides the buyer with more Freedom to use his/hers capital in Titled Real Estate in multiple properties and in multiple countries. All Share Ownership Positions are calculated and valued based on the vacation market trends. All Shareholders share the rights of use, based on the amount of ownership bought. Once purchased via our secure platform the funds are held in escrow until the buyer receives the share agreement and his/her ownership is placed into the relative US corporation by top US Fractional Attorney’s that hold the ownership of that specific property.

Our Unique Project

"With a background in Lead Generation and Creating Performance Sales Teams, we wanted to develop something the market sorely needs in the Fractional Ownership Industry whilst using our skillsets to the full. We're excited to be at the forefront of technology to give what the industry needs to re-invent itself.."

William Newman
CEO of Luxury Shares
Phase 1 -  
Development Plan, Wire Frame design, Business Analyst Phase
Phase 2 -
UI Design, Dashboard Designs, Coded Front End Phase
Phase 3 -
Fin-tech Development, Coded Back End Phase
Phase 4 -
Extra Features and Functionality, Improving Product


Our goal is to create a platform and system that we could provide property development companies that could allow them to manage every part of the buyer's journey from start to finish, from registration to purchase of fractional units, to receiving ownership documents, paying maintenance costs and more. Our project is to simplify and systemize the complexity of selling a fractional property and therefore helping developers increase sales and save time. One of our main advantages of working with Luxury Shares is that we will be offering our fractional sales team who work alongside our marketing dept and platform for better execution on selling the shares.

industry challenge

The Main Challenge for Property Developers is Marketing and Sales; The Fractional Ownership Model is a very specific Niche and although there are still companies offering property in the timeshare ownership space, many know that fractional ownership offers better value to investors and yet many developers struggle to understand how to fractionalize a property let alone how to run a successful sales operation. The challenge is how to get to the market. The process in this industry is still outdated very much like the financial sector used to be before the appearance of crowdfunding platforms and online banking.

our solution

Here at Luxury Shares we aim to revolutionize the industry with our all in one platform that helps developers onboard new clients with KYC processing, organize the selection shares in our purpose-built calendar for fair distribution, digital signature of smart contracts, take large payments over bank wire, process maintenance fees yearly, provide attorney certified documents online and more.


Property Developers ♥️ Luxury Shares

Integrate Luxury Shares once, get access to All The Tools, fund your properties fast!

We Simplify Fractional Sales at Scale!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Questions we usually get asked...

Why Structure your property with Fractional Ownership?

Fractional or Co-ownership compared to Timeshare is a much more successful Ownership Strategy, mainly because it works well for both parties. The Fractional Share Buyer is purchasing real Titled Ownership that is secure essentially creating very High-End Vacations at very little cost, whilst your capital is secure and can be made liquid at any time. The Benefit to a Property Developer is that a high-end luxury property can be sold faster due to the addressable market being much larger; the quantity of millionaires compared to those who have 50-100k in the bank is a much smaller demographic.

How is Luxury Shares Disrupting the Marketplace?

Our Vision for Luxury Shares is to create a simplified buying experience for the end-user, to introduce fractional ownership opportunities to more people who would love the idea of a condo by the beach but just can't afford the expense of a second vacation home. Our vision is to create an infrastructure that a property developer can easily connect into to create more sales and modernize an existing process.

Where are Luxury Shares Clients Based?

Our Client Base is Global, we are supporting property in 50 Countries. Our Buyers we market and sell to are currently English Speaking from United States, Canada & Europe.

Who do we work with?

We work with Property Developers, Resorts & Luxury Property Owners. Other Partnerships include: Real Estate Agencies, Realtors, Travel Companies, Travel Agents, Travel Bloggers.

How do we leverage trusted relationships?

We track and reward personal introductions to friends, family, work colleagues or clients; When a referral buys, we make sure that the client gets paid without question with our One Tier Commission tracking system. Our built-in commission system is a great way to increase sales. Everything that comes after the registration including drip email nurturing campaigns, live chat support, follow up investor consultation calls, is all taken care of from our side to help facilitate more sales.

How Secure is our Framework for Clients, Payments, Contracts etc?

All Investors are vetted via our Payment Processors Compliance procedure. All Funds are held securely in Escrow until the buyer receives their Fractional Ownership Shares from our US Fractional Attorneys. Our Platform Secures our System via SSL and Military Grade encryptions similar to what banks use. All sensitive information like banking information is actually not even stored with us but is kept separate and secure within our payment provider.

How can working with Luxury Shares Fast track Sales?

Time is Money and the faster you can turn a project into revenue, the faster you can start other property developments. We help you achieve this by giving you our dedicated platform and our experienced sales and marketing team at your disposal.

Can our Platform/System be White-Labeled?

We are working hard to complete the final stage of our development to offer a complete system to property developers to get into fractional share sales. Whether you're already selling via this model or are new to the complexities of structuring and managing fractional sales, our whole all in one platform will do the heavy lifting and help manage the sales process from beginning to end with ease. We simplify making fractional sales at scale.

"Luxury Shares is a great concept of how to own & enjoy the luxury life at a fraction of the cost. Why own a property 100% when you only use it for a few weeks a year, purchasing a shared home, brings ownership possibilities for anyone choosing lifestyle living in comfort at a minimum cost."

Ben Van Dyk, President, Dutch Canadian Investment Corp

"I could see the vision of Luxury Shares straight away with a beautifully designed all-in-one platform, high tech marketing systems that I have seen progress a great deal during the last year. Great people building a real company."

Angelo Huerta, Retired Entrepreneur

"I have to say I've know Mark Newman for about 5 years now, He's very hardworking & honest. I knew he had a good idea with fractional ownership real estate. I've been involved in a fractional ownership property in Florida for 18 years now, well it's been the best thing I did for my lifestyle for a fraction of the cost."

Dave Keith, Restaurant & Real Estate Entrepreneur

"My experience with Luxury Shares has been more than excellent since the beginning. The business vision connects with a human to human philosophy. The communication is always right on time otherwise, we are informed in advance about the delay. The details given by the directors represent reality and it's done with quality and precision. Their availability to answer any question is faultless. I recommend Luxury Shares without any hesitation because you'll live a superb experience.".

Josée Walker, Real Estate Investor and College Teacher

Buyer Registration

We have made it possible to automate kyc processing when registering new customers

KYC Processing Done for You

To be legally compliant, we have integrated a whole system to confirm identity and avoid fraudulent activity,

Let Users Register/Login with the help of Social Media Accounts

To create a seamless experience when either registering or accessing an account, a user can use their facebook, linkedin or twitter profile for fast registration and/or login to the backend dashboards.

Secure Two Factor Authentication with Login Code sent via SMS

We wanted to ensure security at all times of personal information so we included a unique code to be sent to your cellphone when logging in, this is called two factor authentication.

Buyer Dashboard

Let your users manage their own fractional share purchase, maintenance and booking selection via our all in one platform and custom made dashboards.

My Properties Page

This dashboard includes all the purchases of property shares in a very clear way showing property information, shares owned, price paid, maintenance costs, upcoming vacation time and more

Transaction History

The Transaction history page is a dashboard of its own that logs all credit card transactions for maintenance, extra purchases, and all bank wires.

Easy Management, Bookings and Maintenance Payments

Never loose track of when you need to pay for maintenance again, in-fact we've created a unique system that gates the booking calendar so that maintenance is paid first. We follow up with automated notifications too to help the buyer plan ahead of time.

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